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This page is the only place for all the official Simi Valley High School Yearbook information.

Simi Valley High 2021 Yearbook Preview
Yearbook Pricing

Click on the link at left to order a yearbook. You will be taken to the website where you can order a book. You can also customize the book, order an ad, etc.

$90 with ASB or $95 no ASB
Until January 31
This is the lowest price we will offer. Buy at this time to receive the lowest price and be guaranteed to receive a yearbook.

$100 with ASB or $110 no ASB
February 1 until sold out
Regular price. Order your yearbook as soon as possible to make sure you get a copy. We sell out every year. Please note that yearbook sales will not be open for a two-week window prior to distribution near the end of the school year so we can make sure we have enough copies.

Ad Pricing

You have two choices for ads, with links at left: you can click on the link for, or you can click on the link to create  your own yearbook ad at The pricing and dates are the same.

  Early Bird Regular
  Until Jan 31 Feb 1-Mar 5
1/8 Page $65 $90
1/4 Page $95 $130
1/2 Page $165 $190
Full Page $285 $330


Yearbook Distribution

Yearbook distribution is tentatively scheduled for Monday, July 26, and Tuesday, July 27, between the hours of 9am-Noon in the west parking lot. The principal will send a call to all purchasers when this is confirmed.

Alternatively, you can have your book delivered. If you selected that option at checkout already, do nothing, you are set. If you would like to add it to a book you've already bought, go to, select "Yearbooks" at the top, select "Buy Your Yearbook" in the dropdown menu, then scroll down to "Yearbook Home Delivery". It will ask for your name and grade, then take you to your cart where you can purchase home delivery for $15.

The last date to order yearbooks on for home delivery was May 7, 2021.

The last date to order a yearbook on was June 31.

Congratulations to those of you who ordered a copy of this historic and one-of-a-kind record of this crazy and unique year!

If you have any questions or issues, please call the school or email Office Manager Sharon Klug at

How do I know if I bought a yearbook?

During distribution, please check the Pioneer Board in the quad for a list of those who bought a yearbook. If your name is NOT on the list, you didn't buy a book before sales were closed, two weeks prior to distribution. If you bought a book during that time, please make sure you have a receipt to show.


Students with outstanding debts or other issues will not be able to pick up a yearbook until all fines and obligations are cleared. You should receive a slip attesting to this.

Unclaimed Books

Any books not picked up by the end of the following school year will be disposed of and no refunds will be issued. If you bought a book during distribution you should have received one.

Back Issues

We have a limited number of yearbooks from prior years available for purchase. Inquire at the ASB office for availability and pricing. There is also information posted to our Pioneer Alumni page.

Order your Yearbook online from Jostens