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Video Production

The Video Production Pathway at Simi Valley High School is designed to expose students to the many aspects of the growing fields of Arts Media and Entertainment. Through guest speakers, film analysis, and hands-on projects students gain the knowledge and experience they will need in preparation for employment or post-secondary study in the field of entertainment. Students work together in crews, to create unique film projects covering a wide variety of genres and techniques through each phase of production. Advanced students in Video Production 2 receive hands on experience in broadcast journalism creating the weekly Simi High School announcements along with advanced film projects. 


Video Production I

Video Production II

Video Technician

Video Control Technician

Videotape - recording

Transmitter Operator

Audio Control Engineer

Recording Engineer

Field Technician

Chief Engineer

Stunt Coordinator


Transmission Engineer

Broadcast Field Supervisor

Sound Mixer or Recording Mixer



Production Manager



Special Effects Technician

..and countless more!