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Exploratory Work Experience Education EWEE

Informational Interview Resources

The Interview Skills Workshop Workbook (PDF)

"The Interview Skills Workshop" Video (Part 1) "The Interview Skills Workshop" Video (Part 2)

Sponsored by Youth Employment Service (YES) of Simi Valley

Internship Resources

Boys & Girls Club

Fire Explorer Program

Police Explorers

Youth Employment Service (YES) of Simi Valley


Safety at Work

Talking Safety (PDF)

Talking Safety (Spanish) (PDF)


What is Your Personality?

MBTI Personality Test

What is EWEE?

EWEE Work Experience stands for Exploratory Work Experience Education and the student does NOT get paid but does get an opportunity to work with a mentor to develop the career skills needed for that particular job.

  • The student will meet with the work experience teacher once per week for 50 minutes in what we call a “Mandatory Class Meeting”. This meeting has time slots such as 7:00 a.m. on Tuesdays or 3:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. The student’s teacher is also the Work Experience Coordinator that meets with Mentors & Employers. 
  • The student will submit one assignment for the week categorized as “Weekly Assignments”. The student must make a habit of going on Google Classroom every Monday Night to see the “Assignment for the Week”. There are 14 - 16 weekly assignments per semester and any other pertinent Work Experience announcements will be posted on Google Classroom.
  • The student will also upload photocopies of their “Hours Log Sheets” to our Work Experience Office at least twice per month to provide the evidence of hours experienced at work. The student must upload their Hours Log Sheets by the 2nd AND 4th Friday of the month to the Work Experience Office’s secretary.

Categories for internship choices are:

  1. Auto Service
  2. Boys & Girls Club
  3. Fire Cadet - COVID postponement until 2023
  4. Health Care 
  5. Police Explorer
  6. Other - If approved by the Work Experience Office 

The student, parent/guardian and employer/mentor must fill out a packet of agreement papers. Early release stickers are not provided until these papers are turned in. The agreement papers must be turned in to Room D-8 by the deadline or the student will not be accepted into the program.



  1. Be enrolled in 11th or 12th grade.

  2. Have earned at least a “C” average (2.0 total non-weighted GPA) in the previous semester’s work, and must maintain this while in the program to remain in Work Experience Education next semester.

  3. Maintain a good attendance record; attend school at least 90% of the time, with no more than 6 periods of truancy, to continue eligibility.

  4. Have an “approved” internship and know you must stay there the entire semester to earn credit and continue eligibility. Students are responsible for notifying the Work Experience Office IMMEDIATELY of any internship concerns.

  5. Minimum of 75 hours per semester for 5 credits.
  6. Attend an assigned “Mandatory Class Meeting” each week.    Class participation and punctuality will comprise 30% of the student’s grade.



  1. Mentor/Intern relationship. (Non-Paid)

  2. Direct supervision on the site. You cannot work alone.

  3. Verification of work hours by Hours Log Sheet.

  4. A site at a non-residential business open to public access, at a stationary location.

  5. An internship within the geographical boundaries of the SVHS Work Experience Program:  Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Chatsworth, Porter Ranch and Northridge west of Tampa Ave. and north of Roscoe Blvd.

Room K-3

Office Hours: By Appointment

Mr. Taggart

Mr. Ryan Taggart
Work Experience Instructor

(805) 577-1400 ext. 6732

Google Classroom, Grades, Site Visits, Evaluations, Agreement Forms, Hour Log Sheets and Credits