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Special Education

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Simi Valley High School's Special Education Department is to provide a safe environment for all students where Specialized Academic Instruction is provided according to their individual needs and data-driven levels of proficiency, in order to realize their full potential.

Our Instructors and Para-educators
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*All Mild/Moderate teachers at Simi Valley High School have completed the Autism Authorization

Monique "Niki" Ayotte
Trasitional (Over 18)
     Claudia Bragg
     Makenna Clark

Lindsay Carpenter
     Holly Ainsworth
     Concepcion Coreas
     Patricia Lim     

Sandy Causey
Mild/Moderate *
English 11/12, Study Skills
     Kelley Smith

Emily Doepking
     Maria Blackburn
     Evelyn Chetwynd
     Mary Manousos

Laudis "Gail" Johnson
Mild/Moderate *
Biology, Health, Gov./Econ, Study Skills
     Julie Curtis-Mitchell

Rebecca King
Trasitional (Over 18)
     Lisa Svoboda

Erin Kinsley
Mild/Moderate *
World History, U.S. History, Study Skills
     Elisa Turley

Ginger Lake
Mild/Moderate *
Algebra CD
     Lindsay Lang

Kathy Lirones
Mild/Moderate *
Algebra AB, Science 11, Study Skills
     Ripal Patel

Brianne Mahlstedt

     Ann Cole
     Patty Flores
     Megan Homenick
     Amy Toste

Brett McNulty
Adapted Physical Education

Amanda Paulino
Math, Science

     Leslie Henderson

Tiffany Ruiz
Speech & Language

Nicole Sampogna
Mild/Moderate *
Consumer Math, Reading Intervention, Study Skills

     Debbie McAlister

Lisa Smith
 Linda Lirones

Michael Smith
Emotional Disturbed
English, Health, History
     Susan Brewer
     Frank Zomoroudi

Kyle Stransky
Mild/Moderate *
English 9, English 10, Study Skills
     Tina Edwards






Points of Interest:
   Specialized Academic Instruction
            & Programs
     18+ Transition Program
     Workability and Career Support
     Adapted Physical Education
     Speech Pathology Services
     Occupational Therapy Services

     Inclusion-friendly and respect-focused
     "Circle of Friends", structured peer
     Opportunities offered for peer tutoring