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Hello Class of 2021! We want to celebrate YOU with a Simi Valley Senior Shout Out.

A Senior Shout Out is a social media post that honors your accomplishments during high school and commemorates your post-graduation decision. This post will be shared on social media, on your high school's website and possibly with local media outlets (such as local TV news stations) for your family and friends to celebrate you!

To be featured in this congratulatory message, all you have to do is fill out this Google Form.

The Google Form will ask you to:
1. Select your favorite slide for your Shout Out and delete the remaining options. (Make sure you pick the slide for the school you attend.)
2. Type your future plans after graduation (work force, college, military, trade school, etc.) or type your proudest or greatest moment in high school.
3. Type your FULL name (it will depend on the slide you choose).
4. Insert your favorite picture. The picture MUST be school appropriate and should only show you, no additional people in the picture. Your senior portrait will work great, but you can choose something else as long as the picture is clear (not pixelated), was taken in the last year, and is appropriate.

Attach your completed slide into the Google Form and Submit. All Senior Shout Outs will be posted during April, May, and possibly June on social media and your high school's website.

If you have any question, please contact: College & Career Center, Mrs. Jen Gast (

2021 Senior Shout Outs