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PioneerGram 4/11/21
Posted 4/12/21

Greetings Pioneer Families,


I hope all of you have had a fantastic weekend! We are excited to celebrate our BIG SPIRIT Week, this Monday through Friday! Dress up all week, enjoy the decked out campus, and get a taste of the Pioneer Pride we have been waiting so long to celebrate! Details for each dress-up day are in the PioneerGram...don't miss out!


Next Monday, April 19th, is FINALS DAY for periods 3 and 4. Cohorts A & B for period 3 will all meet virtually with their teachers for finals at 9 am, and Cohorts A & B for period 4 will all meet virtually with their teachers for finals at 12:55 pm. This means we will not have any students on campus next Monday, April 19th, as everyone will be taking their finals virtually.


As students have returned to campus, everyone needs to be careful and courteous when dropping off students, picking them up, and driving in our parking lots at any time during the day. Please note that cars should enter the West Lot through the westernmost driveway (closer to the bowling alley), and after following the u-shaped path through the parking lot, everyone should exit using the easternmost driveway (closer to the main office). Please slow down, be mindful of pedestrians, and look out for other cars. I have included a traffic flow map for the West Lot in the PioneerGram. Thank you.


Families, I need to remind everyone that tickets to sporting events are limited to no more than four immediate family members from the student's household. Private GoFan links for tickets will be emailed to each student athlete's school email address, and should not be shared with other students who want to watch the games in person. It is the student athlete's responsibility to share the link with his or her immediate family member so the needed tickets can be purchased on GoFan. If we find that people are attending and they are not immediate family members we reserve the right to ask those attendees to leave the game, and tickets will not be refunded. Also, everyone attending must wear a mask, over the mouth and nose, with no exceptions. We reserve the right to ask spectators to leave, without a refund, if masks are not worn properly the whole time. Finally, only water is allowed at sporting events, no other food or beverages are permitted to be brought in to our athletic contests. Thank you.


Please make sure to read the entire PioneerGram, as we have information on our schedule this week, Senior shout outs, cap and gown orders for seniors, tutoring, joining choir for the 2021-2022 school year, College and Career Center updates, college webinars for all grades, former California Assemblywoman Christy Smith joining our JSA Club this week, joining the Red Cross Club, the SVHS Virtual Student Art Gallery, the Simi Valley Youth Council Multicultural Festival, joining the student EcoAction Club, a drive-in movie fundraiser for the Simi Valley Education Foundation, meeting with counselors, athletics, work permits, and so much more! Thank you, and have a great evening!



Dean May
Simi Valley High School
Celebrating A Century Of Excellence - 1920-2020
805-577-1400 ext. 6705