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Welcome to Simi Valley Unified School District's new website. Please pardon our dust as we import our content and format the pages. When complete, we are confident that our new site will be a valuable resource to our community.

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Mission Statement & Pioneer Traditions

Mission Statement

Simi Valley High School is committed to promoting student excellence by providing a rigorous academic, career and technical education program within a positive learning environment.

Our Alma Mater

Hail to thee,
'O Simi High School,
we'll be ever true
to your honors
and traditions,
true, our whole
lives through.

Hail to thee,
O Simi High School,
hear this song we raise,
we will cherish
your dear memories
all our live long days!

School Colors & Crest


Simi Valley High School’s traditional colors are maroon and gold. These colors are evident throughout the entire campus.

The school's crest is displayed on the outside of the gymnasium facing the main quad. The land grant, halberd and arrow represent the early Indian and Spanish heritage of Simi Valley. The torch and atom symbolize education. The cross and the mountains represent the missionaries who once traveled through the valley. The orange depicts the citrus crops; and, of course, the covered wagon represents the pioneers who settled Simi Valley.