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Disaster Preparedness

Note: Only parents, guardians or individuals designated as “emergency contact” on the student’s record may pick up a student at any time. Please keep your emergency contact and work/home phone numbers current!

    Simi Valley High School has an approved disaster relief plan that supports the school district’s Emergency Plan and a safe school environment. Following are instructions for parents and students in the event of an emergency.

    The fire alarm is a series of loud buzzer sounds. Students are to leave the room quickly and quietly, following the instruction of the teacher in charge.  If the fire alarm sounds while students are out of class, students should immediately exit the building areas to the main quad or P.E. designated area and locate the teacher of their next class. Students must follow the instructions of any adult supervisor during a fire or other emergency.

    The civil defense alarm is a 30-second ringing of the bell system. Students are to remain quiet and are to follow the instructions of the teacher. If the civil defense alarm sounds while students are out of class, students should report immediately to the nearest classroom and follow the instructions of the teacher.

    At the first sign of ground movement (or the instructions of the teacher) students should seek cover under or near desks, chairs or tables and facing away from windows. Students should remain under protective cover until instructed otherwise. Students should not attempt to leave buildings until instructed to do so. If evacuation is necessary, their teacher or other adult supervisor will take students to a predetermined area.  Following an evacuation on campus, parents who wish to pick up their children must check them out at the checkout station on the sidewalk at the front of school.

    If an earthquake occurs during passing periods, students should stay away from buildings and other structures. When ground movement stops, students should evacuate to the designated area of their next class.

    If it is necessary to evacuate students from the campus to other locations, parents should listen to radio 530 AM, check for automated phone calls from the school or district administration,  or contact the police department for the location of the evacuation center. Parents who wish to pick up their children at the evacuation center must check them out at the checkout station established at the evacuation center. In the event of a school closure, parents who notate the appropriate form may allow their students to leave campus without being checked out by them personally.

   Parents may indicate on the SVHS Policy Signature Sheet that they agree to their student receiving an Emergency Evacuation Sticker on their Student ID Card. The sticker indicates that the student has permission to leave campus through a gate when it has been determined by the school administration that an evacuation of the school has become necessary. An all-call home will be made prior to students being released in the case of such an emergency.


During any emergency, students must follow
the instructions of their teacher or other adult supervisor.