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Drawing & Painting

Ms. Tiffany Douzart, Instructor

Drawing and Painting introduces the discipline of drawing and painting to the student. It emphasizes necessary skills to provide students with a perceptual base leading to successful drawing and painting experiences. Each unit stresses the four art components: artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context and aesthetic valuing.

Drawing and Painting class is an all around project based study of many classical and contemporary techniques. Students will enjoy learning and improving their skills in drawing with several shade and shadow styles, work on perspective drawing, and work on portrait drawings. They will also create painting exploring cool colors, warm colors, and learn to print with ink. Students will enjoy mask making, and even jewelry making under the guidance of Mr. Derian, an instructor who was a master jewelry designer/ goldsmith prior to teaching Art at Simi Valley High School.

Satisfies UC/CSU requirements.
PREREQUISITE(S): Basic Design.