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Dual Enrollment - Moorpark College

Dual Enrollment offers an exceptional opportunity for current SVHS students to enroll in college courses and earn dual credit. SVHS has established a partnership with Moorpark College, which continues to expand opportunities for our students to take these courses. These courses can be taken on the SVHS campus after regular school hours or directly at Moorpark College.

If students are interested in taking a Dual Enrollment class, please fill out the Dual Enrollment Interest Form. Completing this form does not commit students to enrolling. Instead, it allows the counseling department to gauge interest in the Dual Enrollment college classes and ensures the department can keep students updated on the opportunities available throughout the year

Dual Enrollment Program Multi-Step Registration Guide

Important Dates:

November 16: Registration Opens 

January 16: SVHS Dual Enrollment Classes Begin

May 9: SVHS Dual Enrollment Classes End

Courses Offered at SVHS for Spring 2024:

Course Code Course Code Course Name Credits Days Start Time End Time Start Date End Date
31211 BUS M30 Intro to Business 3 TR 8:30 AM 10:00 AM 1/15/2024 5/9/2024
31990 COUN M02 Career Counseling 3 MW 8:30 AM 10:00 AM 1/15/2024 5/9/2024
32612 FTMA M101 Intro to Cinema 3 online asynch   1/15/2024 5/9/2024
31205 COMM M01 Public Speaking 3 online asynch   1/15/2024 5/9/2024


BUS M30      IN PERSON T/H 8:30-10:00 A.M.

Introduction to Business

3 Units

In-Class Hours: 52.5 lecture

Provides a multidisciplinary examination of how culture, society, economic systems, legal, international, political, financial institutions, and human behavior interact to affect a business organization’s policy and practices within the U.S. and a global society. Focuses on how these influences impact the primary areas of business including: organizational structure and design; leadership; human resource management; organized labor practices; marketing; organizational communication; technology; entrepreneurship; legal, accounting, and financial practices; the stock and securities market; and therefore how they affect a business’ ability to achieve its organizational goals.

COUN M02    IN PERSON M/W 8:30-10:00 A.M.

Career and Life Planning

3 Units

In-Class Hours: 52.5 lecture

Provides a thorough study for career development, academic goals, and life planning. Includes assessment tools for identifying personality type; clarifying interests, skills, and values; and establishing college majors and careers. Addresses psychological and social issues that impact career and life choices. Covers decision-making processes, labor market trends, career research, interviewing skills, and résumé writing.


Introduction to Cinema

3 Units

In-Class Hours: 52.5 lecture

Introduces the art form of cinema. Includes topics such as a brief history of the movies, modes of production, form, style, genre, aesthetics, media industries, critical analysis, and socio-cultural and historical importance. Builds an appreciation for the art form and cultivates critical thinking about film. Combines lectures and discussions accompanied by screenings of appropriate films.


Public Speaking

3 Units

In-Class Hours: 52.5 lecture

Prepares students to be effective oral communicators in a public speaking context through instruction in basic communication theory, appropriate delivery skills, common organizational patterns, and thorough research techniques. Offers practical training in feedback and listening skills. Course Credit Limitation: Credit will not be awarded for both the honors and regular versions of a course. Credit will be awarded only for the first course completed with a grade of “C” or better or "P". Moorpark College Honors Program requires a letter grade.

If students are interested in exploring other courses offered at Moorpark College, please visit their Dual Enrollment website.

For inquiries at Simi Valley High School, students should reach out to their School Counselor.

For questions related to Moorpark College, students can contact: or call 805-553-4608.