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Course Change Procedure

Before making a request for a change in classes, please keep in mind that courses are yearlong, and the registration process is in place to ensure students have the opportunity to carefully select their courses of choice (and alternatives in ranked order).  If a student is placed in their selected courses, they will need to remain in their course selections.  If they did not submit a registration form, and their counselor needed to select courses for them, then they will also need to remain in those courses because we provide every opportunity for students to complete the registration process and submit their paperwork before creating the master schedule.

It is important for all students and parents to understand that the master schedule impacts over 2000 students and almost 100 teachers, and it is not a simple process to make class changes.  Every change request is considered not only individually, but collectively, because of the impact on the overall master schedule, classroom sizes, teacher:student ratios, classroom dynamics, etc.  We appreciate your understanding of this impact as you consider contacted us about a potential request.


Before any change is considered, there must be a face-to-face conference between the teacher and parent/guardian to address any concerns.  This provides the teacher the opportunity to collaborate with families to best support their student.  After this face-to-face conference, a time period of 2-3 weeks must be given to address concerns discussed during the meeting.  If a strong concern still exists, the parent must write a letter to their student's assistant principal, outlining the concerns and reasons for the request and the steps that have been taken before that point to resolve the problem. At that time, a second face-to-face conference may be necessary.

Schedule changes MAY be made for the following reasons only:
1) Student is lacking a graduation requirement (s), and doesn’t have it scheduled. 
2) Did not meet the course prerequisite with a “C” or better.
3) Duplicate class assigned (same class assigned twice).
4) Class was taken in summer school (bring transcript to Registrar/Counselor to verify ASAP).
5) Schedule is missing a class/period ("gap in schedule").
6) Student previously failed course with same teacher.
7) Prior teacher approval, if required, was not obtained.

We cannot honor requests to change the schedule for specific and/or different teachers than assigned unless one of the 7 above applies. Changing electives can only happen IF there is room available in the elective classes, but please keep in mind the above statement that students are placed in electives according to their selections during registration.  No elective changes can be made mid-year with out Admin approval, and there are no guarantees that classes will be changed. 

Please note: Adhering to the above policy means that a change will be considered, not that a change will be made. If you have further questions, please contact your Counselor or Assistant Principal.