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Students are assigned a Teacher Advisement (TA) class, usually scheduled on Mondays. Each TA class is linked to a specific counselor through its Teacher Advisor. Parents and students can identify the associated counselor for a TA class by referring to the SVHS Counseling Units 2023-2024 document.

Counseling Team

Ila Laguercia:

Tiffany Nesterenko:

Alejandro Rodriguez:

Christopher Schurer:

Lana Wastell:

College & Career Center

Alfonso Ruiz:

Front Desk Team

Registrar: Beth Hankins 

Secretary: Cathy Alfano


Counseling Office: (805) 577-1400 (Press 2)

Counseling Fax: (805) 520-6633 

Additional Counseling Programs & Support

School Psychologist (Special Education Services & Evaluation): Jake Goodrich:

For detailed information regarding Special Education (IEP) and Section 504, visit SVUSD Office of Student Support Service.

Our Mission

Working in partnership with parents, students, teachers and administrators; our mission is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that attends to the needs of all students. We support students through responsive and developmental services such as personal and social counseling, academic guidance and support, career exploration, college planning, and student and family advocacy.

Our Role

The Counseling Team is an integral and vital component in the development of the academic and personal goals of all students. We plan, implement, and evaluate a counseling program that includes academic, career, personal, and social development for all students. 

Counselors are available to assist students and parents with:

  • Making appropriate decisions relative to educational and vocational objectives, school programs, and relationships with teachers, administrators, and other pupils.

  • Work with students to develop competencies in the areas of educational, personal, and vocational development.
  • Through individual and group presentations, help students select appropriate courses, and plan for post-secondary education or training required to reach their career goals.
  • All students are connected to a comprehensive system of support services, activities, and opportunities at Simi Valley or within the community that can help them achieve their goals.


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