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SVUSD Transportation Bulletin

The Simi Valley Unified School District does not provide financial support for transportation to athletic contests.  All athletic transportation is supported by an ASB Transportation Trust Account established for each sport.  Transportation arrangements to athletic contests may include charter buses, passenger vans (leased by the district only), and car pools.  If there is a concern regarding any form of transportation, please contact the Athletic Director and/or School Administration.  

Students are required to travel to all school sponsored athletic contests and activities by transportation provided by the school and/or arranged by the Simi Valley Unified School District.  The school administration will determine the most appropriate and cost-effective mode of transportation for each approved trip.  In all situations, the school administration, Athletic Director, and/or the coach have final approval regarding the method of transportation for students.

A chaperoned (parent or other adult) may be authorized to transport students by private vehicle when the vehicle is driven by an adult age 21 or older, who has a good driving record and who has registered with the district’s site administration, for such purposes, by filing a completed Field Trip by Private Vehicle Driver’s Statement Form.  Drivers shall be required to possess a valid California driver’s license and liability insurance of a least the following limits:  combined single limit $300,000 (bodily injury/property damage); or $100,000 each person, $300,000 each accident (bodily injury), $25,000 property damage.

Additionally, the following pertains to transportation by private vehicle:

  1. Drivers shall receive safety and emergency instructions which would be reviewed and kept in the vehicle.

  2. Vehicle owners, drivers and passengers shall be informed that the registered owner and his/her insurance company are responsible for any accidents or violations that may occur.

  3. The number of passengers, including the driver, shall not exceed the capacity for which the vehicle was designed.  The number of passengers shall not exceed 10, including the driver, no matter what size the vehicle.

  4. All occupants shall wear seat belts in accordance with the law.

In an emergency situation, parents may need to transport their son/daughter to an event.  In order to obtain permission to do this, the athlete and a parent or guardian must complete the Student Transportation Permission Slip (for each request) and submit it for approval to the school administration, Director of Athletics, and the coach, at least twenty-four hours before the event.  If it is determined that self-transportation is inappropriate, the student must use the school transportation provided.

*In an emergency circumstance, students who are on a team or who are participants in an activity may transport themselves, and their siblings who are also students at the school and involved in the same activity, provided they possess a valid driver’s license and the required insurance.  Drivers must comply with all stipulations and adhere to federal, state, and local laws governing student drivers.  Under no circumstances may a student transport other students who are not his/her siblings (as described above).  Drivers may not carry non-district personnel, non-students, non-student family members, or other guests or passengers.

If you have any questions regarding this bulletin and/or the transportation of students involved in athletics or other activities, please contact the Athletic Director or the Activities Director at the school.


Driver Directions 

The Driver Statement information is good for one school year. 
Complete the above form and bring to the ASB Office.
The following documentation must accompany the driver statement:
  • Copy of license
  • Copy of vehicle registration
  • Copy of auto insurance. Auto insurance must include limits if you are planning on driving other athletes. 
If your student DOES NOT plan on taking the bus, or returning on the bus, you must complete the Student Transportation Permission Form. This is an additional form on top of the required Driver Statement. 
 Typically this form must be completed and approved 48 hours before each scheduled event.
This is good for a single event only.