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Visual Arts

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Art is an important part of everyday life.

Art communicates ideas, art expresses emotions, art tells stories, and art makes the world around us beautiful and interesting. Art is all around us, in nature, designs on  everyday images such as clothing, products and the media. Art reflects cultures and beliefs. Through making art, students learn about themselves, and learn to observe the world around them with a more sensitive and educated awareness.

Simi Valley High School art classes provide a rich environment to develop artistic awareness and skills. All visual art classes fulfill the A-G requirement for Fine Art. Classes are one year long.


Our Mission Statement

The Simi Valley High School Visual Art Department will provide each student with a unique learning opportunity which focuses on an individual approach including art production, art criticism and analysis, aesthetics, and art history.  Students will learn how to be creative problem solvers, which will help them in academics and in their career pathway.


Justin Miller

Justin Miller
Photography, Video Production



Tiffany Douzart


Tiffany Douzart
Basic Design,
Drawing & Painting


Heather Marx


Heather Marx
Department Chair
Video Production, Yearbook

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.