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Basic Design

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Basic Design is an introduction to the building blocks of art, elements of art, and principles of design. Many art techniques are introduced, and a variety of art mediums are applied, such as graphite, pen, watercolor, colored pencil, and collage. Students will be instructed in drawing skills such as perspective and shading. Color projects such as painting and collage are explored. This course highlights careers in the arts, artistic trends, and art from various cultures. 

Major Student Outcomes:

  • Foster an understanding and appreciation for the elements and principles of visual design.
  • Stimulate creativity and an inventive approach to design concepts and media through studio experiences.
  • Develop skills in the application design concepts.
  • Increase knowledge of significant artistic styles and artists and their influence on society, both historically and in the twenty-first century.

Satisfies UC/CSU requirements; Prerequisite(s)  None.

Tiffany Douzart