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The Activities Office

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$25 for students with their ASB card!

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Our Activities Office, located on the west side of the gym, is the headquarters for ASB, the Student Store, and Athletics. All extracurricular activities are coordinated out of this office under the guidance of the personnel below.

The ASB Office is the place to go for...

  • Spiritwear, Yearbook, PE Clothes, and other Pioneer merchandise
  • Parking Permits
  • Locker Assignment and Issues
  • Tickets for dances and other events
  • Athletics information and paperwork
  • Information on clubs and organizations on campus
  • Fundraising information and coordination
  • Event information and paperwork

ASB Hours


Brian Kiunke
Director of Activities

Joelle Cardona
Director of Athletics


Christian Aurand
Ass't Director of Athletics


Christine Olson
ASB Accountant

Rebecca Stafford
ASB/Athletics Secretary


Janice Davis
Student Store Clerk


Need a Locker Change?

If you need a locker change please complete the following form:

Locker Change Form

  • Remember to check your email often as we will email you your new locker assignment!

  • You must use a SVHS school issued lock (safety issue)

  • If you DON’T want to use your locker ASB will recoup your locker after 9/4

Jostens - Rep  John Zavala - 805-987-4147