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English Language Learners - ELL

English Language Learners

"Bridging the gap to understanding."


     We believe that an ELL Program is an integral component of secondary education. All LEP (Limited English Proficient) and NES (Non-English Speaking) students will be provided with an instructional program based on their language acquisition. Students are given the opportunity to develop their English language skills in a meaningful, non-threatening environment. Students are provided access to the core curriculum through sheltered classes.



Students in the ELL Program will:

  1. Develop oral communication skills.

  2. Learn reading and writing skills.

  3. Understand and identify receptive vocabulary words and phrases.

  4. Work cooperatively in small groups

  5. Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  6. Learn all skills necessary for passing the district-required proficiency tests.

English Language Advisory Council

The English Language Advisory Council is made up of parents of second language learners at Simi Valley High School. It meets to advise the staff of their needs and concerns. Meetings also inform parents of school policies and events, and work to familiarize parents with the school setting and staff.


District English Language Advisory Council

The District English Language Advisory Council meets four times during the school year at the District Office. This group is made up of representatives from all schools with second-language learner programs. It serves to pass on information regarding district and state policies, programs, and concerns.