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College & Career Seminar

The Course

Primary Graduation Requirement: Practical Arts

Can meet alternate graduation requirement(s) below if primary is already fulfilled. Electives

UC A-G Approved: G

College and Career Seminar is a required class for all incoming 9th graders and all 10th-12th graders new to SVUSD schools. This one-semester course is designed to help students learn and practice valuable skills to help them to be career and college ready. Students will identify interests, skills, values and personality types, research employers and industries, gain experience with job search tools and learn goal setting. Every student who successfully completes this class will leave with a detailed 10-year skill development plan that includes his/her high school and post-secondary plans, as well as a professional portfolio. Students must also show evidence of participation at least one school or community based activity or attend school or community events.

Satisfies UC/CSU entry requirements

Course Length: Semester

Course Credit: 5 Grade Level(s): 9 - 12