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Health Office *

Students should come to the Health Office for any of the following reasons:

  • First aid or health problems, with a pass from the teacher.
  • Permission to telephone parents to go home due to an illness.
  • Medications authorized by the parent and doctor (forms are available at the Health Office).
  • Permission to be excused from Physical Education as required by a doctor or parent.
  • To attend school with a cast or crutches with doctor and parent permission (forms are available at the Health Office).


Students MAY NOT carry medications of any kind on school grounds. Simi Valley High School is a Drug Free Campus. Medications (including Advil, Tylenol, and any other over-the-counter medications) may be administered in the Health Office ONLY WITH WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM YOUR DOCTOR AND PARENT. Authorization forms are available in the health office, or click here to download a printable form in pdf format.


In order to be readmitted to school following an illness or injury that requires the use of a cast, crutches, or wheelchair, we must have written notification from a physician and parents.

Readmission form in English

Readmission form in Spanish

Physical Education Excuses

Please take all Physical Education (P.E.) excuses from parents/guardians and physicians to the Health Office. Parents/Guardians may request exclusion from P.E. for medical reasons for up to 3 days. Thereafter, a doctors note will be required.

Homework Requests

Please follow the instructions given by each teacher. If you need to contact a teacher, please go to the "Staff" section of this website to look up the teacher's email. If necessary, the Health Office can email teachers for absences of three (3) days or more, and will support individual health needs.

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