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Frequently Asked Questions


When should we schedule a vacation during the summer? 

Per CIF rules each program must take a 21 day "dead period" time frame during the summer. Some of our sports do have weight training sessions during their dead period- such as Football. When planning a vacation schedule during your sports dead period. Below are the listed dead periods as of 3/9/2018. 



Baseball 7/25-8/14 start on 8/15 (first day of school)
Boys Basketball 7/25-8/14 start on 8/15 (first day of school)
Boys Golf 6/9-6/29 start on 6/30
Boys Soccer 6/9-6/29 start on 6/30
Girls Basketball 7/25-8/14 start on 8/15 (first day of school)
Girls Cross Country 5/24-6/13 start on 6/14
Girls Golf 6/9-6/29 start on 6/30
Girls Lacrosse 7/7- 7/27 start on 7/28
Girls Volleyball 6/23-7/15 start on 7/16
Softball 6/9-6/29 start on 6/30
Track and Field 6/16- 7/6 start on 7/7


How do I know if my athlete is NCAA eligible? 
The best resource for NCAA questions is the NCAA Eligibility Center Website. There, you will find plenty of links with information on NCAA eligibility, an NCAA guide for college-bound athletes, and more. You can also visit for their free course on NCAA Eligibility.

After using the provided resources, be sure to schedule an appointment with one of our NCAA guidance counselors.


What are the benefits of participating in high school athletics?
As a member of an athletic team sport, your child will develop skills in teamwork, discipline, compassion and handling adversity. The lessons learned can then be applied to school, jobs and family life. If your only interest is for your son or daughter to start or play in every game, you may end up being disappointed. Our coaching staff is dedicated to helping your athlete develop to their full potential and encouraging them to feel better about themselves because of their involvement in our programs. We hope you will feel the same way.


My son/daughter is interested in team sports. What do I do next?
If your student is in the 8th grade, be sure to attend our Future Pioneers Athletics Night put on by the Athletic Director’s Office in February. There, you will receive information on our Summer Sports Camps, Athletic Clearance, and you will be able to speak to all of our head coaches. 

If your student is already attending Simi Valley High School, you should be sure to contact the head coach of the sport your student is interested in joining to get more information regarding tryouts, Summer Camps, and more. 


My athlete wants to be on two different sports teams. Is this possible?
Yes, many of our students at Simi Valley High School are two and even three sport athletes. We encourage multi-sport athletes to pursue their goals and participate on multiple teams.


When do practices begin and end?
The coaches will arrange practice times to meet CIF guidelines and when facilities and coaching staff are available. Make sure to attend parent information meetings for each program or contact the team coach for specific practice dates and times.


Will my son/daughter receive course credit for their sport?
Yes, each team sport at Simi Valley High School is a course and is part of the regular school day. Students receive 5 credits and a grade for each semester. Grades are based on full participation and teamwork. The school district requires two years of Physical Education for graduation. Simi Valley High School’s Team Sports meet this requirement.

However, if your athlete is a member of a club team (outside of Simi Valley High School), they will not receive course credit. Athletes must be a member of an official Simi Valley High Athletic Team during regular school hours to earn credits.


What is the time commitment for an athletic team sport?
Most students are scheduled for one period of athletics. In addition, the student is required to practice before or after school with the team and to attend all scheduled events during the team’s competitive season, including competitions held during the weekend or on a school holiday. The coach will provide practice times and the team’s calendar of events during a pre-season meeting.


Can an athlete participate in club sports in high school?
Participation on outside teams during the school year can jeopardize a student’s high school eligibility and their high school teams’ eligibility. Seasons of sports can vary by CIF Section. You should speak with the Athletic Director to see what your school allows.


Who should I contact if I have a problem regarding my athlete’s playing time?
Generally speaking, coaches do not discuss playing time with parents. All coaches are open to discussing playing time, but we ask that the athlete initiate the conversation at an appropriate time/setting. The Athletic Director, Assistant Principals, Principal and District Personnel will not be involved in issues related to playing time. Playing time is only determined by our coaches, and the best way to address a concern is by having an athlete open the discussion.


If you or your athlete would like some advice on how to approach a coach about playing time, here is a link to an article that we found to be very helpful (It comes from the perspective of baseball, but the advice can be applied to all sports).


Who should I contact if I have a problem regarding issues other than playing time?
If you would like to discuss an issue unrelated to an athlete’s playing time, we recommend starting with your athlete’s coach, then working your way up the “Athletic Chain-of-Command”: 

Head Coach of Program > Athletic Director > Assistant Principal overseeing athletics > Principal 

While we realize that some matters may require immediate attention from those in higher positions of authority, contacting school personnel in the order listed above will help us address the issue in a timely manner and keep all relevant parties in the loop. If an issue can be resolved by the Head Coach or Athletic Director, but a parent chooses to start by sending an email to the Principal, it may actually take longer to resolve as the parent waits for the email to be addressed by the proper personnel.


I have a issue/concern that I’d like resolved, but I don’t want to include my information or my athlete’s name. Should I send an anonymous letter/email?
If there is a serious issue that needs to be addressed, then we really need to know who is involved. As a general policy, the Athletic Department will not act on anonymous emails. This policy helps protect our coaches and athletic personnel from unfounded accusations and helps us keep a healthy, open dialogue between our school and community. If a parent has a concern or issue they need to address, we ask that they include their contact information and the names of the individuals involved so that we may take the necessary steps to resolve the situation.


What is “Athletic Clearance?”
In order to participate in our athletic programs, all students must obtain Athletic Clearance from the Athletic Director’s Office on a yearly basis. Athletic Clearance is a two-step process designed to insure that all athletes are healthy for participation and that both parents and athletes understand the inherent risks that accompany athletic competition. For more information, and steps on how to obtain Athletic Clearance, please visit our Athletic Clearance page.


I cannot schedule a physical for my athlete in time for the due date. What can I do?
We understand that physical appointments through some doctor’s offices are not easy to come by. Once a year, during the month of June, Simi Valley High School offers physical exams from a licensed M.D. for the price of $25. All proceeds go to benefit the Athletic Training Program.

Another option for physical exams is through most Urgent Cares in Simi Valley. Dr. Sommers of Summers Sports offers physicals as well. 

Remember to download and print the athletic forms to take to the doctor before the physical exam.


I am transferring my athlete to/from Simi Valley High School. Are they eligible to play this year?
There are a variety of reasons why an athlete may transfer from one high school to another, and there are different rules that determine athletic eligibility depending on each reason. 

In all cases of transferring to/from Simi Valley High School, it is best to contact the Athletic Director to see if there are any rules impacting athletic eligibility. 

Any student athlete who transfers between high schools is subject to the CIF transfer policy. All transfer athletes are considered ineligible and must request review of eligibility by the new school's principal or designee to determine eligibility for competition. Please allow at least 20 school days to process transfer paperwork. It is unlikely you will be able to see the school's athletic director without an appointment.

Every application must be true, accurate, complete, correct and/or not false or fraudulent (CIF bylaw 202). Violation of CIF 202 can make a student ineligible for up to two years.


Primary considerations in evaluating transfer applications are:

  • Valid change of residence
  • Undue influence/prior contact before transferring to the new school
  • Academic eligibility
  • Discipline status
  • Other eligibility issues


Before participating in a league sport, CIF 206/510 Valid Change of Residence Application will be required. Allow at least 20 business days for processing these forms. The athlete may miss part of the season of sport during the review and evaluation process.

Before participating in a league sport, CIF 207/208/510 Transfer Application will be required. Allow at least 20 business days for processing these forms. The athlete may miss part of the season of sport during the review and evaluation process. 

If a first-time transfer is approved, students transferring schools without a valid change of residence who expect to compete at the varsity level may be subject to a "sit-out" period for each sport. During a "sit-out" period. athletes may practice with the team, but may not compete in a scrimmage, game or other competitive event. Second time transfers without a valid change of residence may be subject to limited (non-varsity) eligibility in sports they have played within the previous 12 months.


What is a Sit Out Period (SOP)? What are the SOP Dates?
Sit Out Period (SOP 207.B.(5) b.) – A CIF bylaw allows students to transfer one time without a valid change of residence and retain varsity eligibility when they meet certain standards. The student must sit out a prescribed time/number of days as established by CIF. If a first-time transfer is approved, students transferring schools without a valid change of residence who expect to compete at the varsity level may be subject to a "sit-out" period for each sport. During a "sit-out" period. athletes may practice with the team, but may not compete in a scrimmage, game or other competitive event. Second time transfers without a valid change of residence may be subject to limited (non-varsity) eligibility in sports they have played within the previous 12 months.

Sit-out dates for the 2017-18 school year:


Fall Sports - Monday, October 2, 2017 for students who transfer and are enrolled prior to Monday, August 7, 2017 in football and August 14, 2017 for all other fall sports.


Winter Sports - Monday, January 1, 2018 for students who transfer and are enrolled prior to Monday, November 6, 2017


Spring Sports - Monday, April 2, 2018 for students who transfer and are enrolled prior to Monday, February 5, 2018


How do I contact my CIF Section Office?
Simi Valley High School is a member of the CIF Southern Section. You can find contact information for the CIF Southern Section Office by following this link: CIF Section Offices

What should I do if my athlete gets injured during a practice or a game?
If your son/daughter is injured during practice or a game, make sure they inform their coach immediately. If one of our Athletic Trainers is on campus or attending the event, the athlete will be assisted by the athletic training staff and an Incident Report will be filed for the school’s records. Parents should receive notification of the incident, and if further medical attention is needed, they may take their athlete to a medical doctor.

When clearing an athlete for athletic participation, parents/guardians consent to several school and district policies regarding their athlete’s care at Simi Valley High School.

What are the safety requirements for participation in sports during hot weather?
Visit the CIF Sports Medicine page for helpful advice on different safety measures. The duty and responsibility for the health and safety of student-athletes falls directly to the coaching staff and school administration. Student-athletes and parents/guardians also play a vital role in helping provide a safe environment for participation. Read the Sports Medicine Handbook on the State CIF webpage for more information..

Are coaches trained to handle First Aid, CPR, and concussion protocols?
Yes. All of our coaches are trained to handle First Aid, CPR, and concussion protocols. This training is required to be renewed every 1 to 2 years.



What is the cost of participating in Athletics?
As you may be aware, schools throughout California have been severely impacted by a recent legal settlement that prohibits districts from charging fees to enroll in public school programs such as athletics during the school year. While some districts have opted to severely restrict their athletic programs, the Simi Valley Unified School District is seeking to preserve the valuable opportunity by asking for donations from participating families.

Athletic Team Sports are not paid for through general school funds. In fact, these programs are fully dependent on financial contributions from our participating families. Please know that a donation is not required to enroll, and families that choose to contribute may do so at any amount. However, your donations will help sustain these valuable programs. Conversely, insufficient funding may result in modification and/or downsizing of our programs. Our goal is to continue to offer a quality athletics program, and your donation will help support this goal.

Simi Valley High School’s athletic programs present an incredible opportunity for our students. As such, we’re hoping our new funding model is enough to support a quality athletics program throughout this school year and for many years to come.

Are financial records kept for each athletic program?
Yes. Each athletic program has a choice as to whether is operates its finances on campus, through ASB, or through a registered 501(c)(3). In both cases, financial records are kept and statements can be provided upon request.


Will there be a pre-season meeting for my son/daughter’s team?

Yes, each head coach will hold a parent meeting. This is an important meeting that all parents should attend. The teams’ coaches will provide specific information related to their sport, information about the athletic program, expectations for students and parents, team policies, practice schedules, and will answer questions. The date and time will be announced when the team roster is finalized.


What happens if my athlete decides they do not want to be on a team anymore?

Commitment to the team is a key factor for students signing up to be a member of an athletic team and the expectation is that team members will fully participate throughout the season. Withdrawing from the team may result in an F on the student’s transcript. For extenuating circumstances, such as an injury early in the season, please contact the head coach of the program.


My athlete is a star player on a club team. Does this guarantee him or her a spot as a starter?

No. High School Athletics are not like Travel Teams, AYSO, or Little League. No one is guaranteed they will get to play in a game. All athletes will be given a fair chance to compete for a position. We feel being a member of an athletic team is what is most important. We have over 1,000 athletes that participate in our athletic programs. There aren’t enough starting positions for 1,000 athletes. But there is plenty of room for learning discipline, responsibility, handling adversity, and sportsmanship.


What advice do you have for the parent of a student-athlete?

Please refer to our Positive Sports Parenting page for some helpful advice.


Can parents help as volunteers?

Parent volunteers are needed in many areas, such as helping with the snack bars, team dinners, filming/photography, and set-ups/break downs at Simi Valley sponsored tournaments and events. Booster clubs are parent support groups for the athletic teams helping with team fundraising efforts. More information will be provided at the team’s pre-season meeting on how to get involved and help our athletic programs.